Bigger, Wider Cars Becoming More Popular in The UK – The Effects

Garage door sizes are becoming too small for the larger, modern cars of today and with the rise in sales of these cars here in the UK, the use of garages to shelter a car is becoming obsolete. So if you’ve found yourself struggling to park your car into your garage or have found that it’s becoming a simple storage space, think again. Here at The Rolling Door Company we understand the importance of parking a car into a safe and secure garage, which is why there are such services to accommodate to these wider cars.

Larger Cars in the UK & Their Increasing Popularity
New cars are fast becoming a problem and not only in homes but everyday car parks too. There’s common ground between all new cars and that is, that they’ve all expanded in size, with hatchbacks increasing by a whopping 16% and the already huge 4×4’s, are also following suit.

It’s enough to make us wonder how people manage to park into car parking spaces, especially in tight multi-storey buildings that have been standing for countless years, originally made to cater to smaller car models. Not only that, but how do homeowners fit their brand new cars into their garages at home?

The fact is, people are struggling with these new automobiles with more car parking accidents than ever before. There has been a 35% rise of scratches and scrapes in the last two years due to cars exceeding their 4.8 long and 2.4 wide car parking space. This also leads us to ask just how are homes fitting cars into their garages? More and more people are investing in new cars, only to find out later on that they are unable to store it in their garage. This is why there are new methods to ensure that this need not be a problem, whilst car parking spaces are still being reconsidered, expanding garage entrances is already in motion.

There Are a Number of Ways to Make a Garage Doorway Bigger, By:

  • Removing a central pillar to convert two doorways into one
  • Changing the garage door position to allow more height
  • Installing the door frame behind the brickwork to allow for more width

The significant increase in car sizes has caused many problems and there are things that are changing to make sure that a garage can still be used to its utmost potential. By turning two single garage doors into one, can create a convenient storage space for your new modern car.

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